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"A strategic, fantasy RPG with traditional themes, a modern style and heavy emphasis on human morality."


Insindious is an RPG which aims to return many traditional, charming RPG elements and a dynamic story to the modern world. Over the course of 3 years we've worked on building the foundation for the game up to this very day. What we believe sets Insindious apart from others is our aim to not only deliver a game, but an experience. RPGs have been around for years, we've all been affiliated with ones we love or love to hate; but, one thing we can always take away from each and every single game is the experience, atmosphere, music and story. Using a team of RPG veterans, people who live, breathe and believe in the true majesty of the genre; we've begun to create something we believe we can be proud of. A game that we hope will not only entertain, but will leave a permanent mark on the hearts of players for many years to come.
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